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Elevate your podcast game with Podcastle

Great for: Anyone looking to create and edit podcasts, including both professionals and amateurs.

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Elevate your podcast game with Podcastle

Podcastle is an AI-powered podcast recording and editing tool that offers a robust free version that includes access to all recording and editing features, as well as audio-to-text transcription and background noise removal. It has different pricing tiers, the free one includes 1 hour of transcription and the other two, Storyteller and Podcastle Pro, offer features such as premium editing tools, music and sound effects, noise cancellation and additional transcription hours.

For who?

Anyone looking to create and edit podcasts, including both professionals and amateurs.

Main features

Pros and cons

Full review:

Podcastle is a software as a service (SaaS) program that is created to make the process of creating and editing podcasts as easy and effective as possible. Podcasting has grown in popularity as a way to share ideas, stories, and information. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Podcastle’s cutting-edge AI-powered features can help you grow your podcast.

The powerful free edition of Podcastle, which grants unrestricted access to all of the software’s recording and editing features, is one of its notable features. Anyone just getting started with podcasting who wants to try it out without spending money on pricey equipment or software should consider this alternative. You can effortlessly record, edit, and upload your podcast with Podcastle, all from one handy spot.

Along with a simple user interface, Podcastle also has cutting-edge AI-powered features that make it easy to produce podcasts with a professional sound. For instance, you may quickly and easily transcribe your podcast using the software’s audio-to-text transcription feature, which will open it up to a larger audience. The software also has a noise-cancelling tool that might help you get rid of distractions like background noise from your recordings.

The cost of Podcastle is also important to note; there is a free version, a storyteller plan that costs $11.99/mo per year, and a Podcastle Pro package that costs $23.99/mo per year. The storytelling package comes with professional editing tools, music and sound effects, noise cancellation, 10 hours of transcription, and lossless downloads, while Podcastle Pro comes with 25 hours of transcription and early access to new features. The free version includes 1 hour of transcription.

The text-to-speech option on Podcastle, which enables you to turn written material into spoken words, is another fantastic feature. This can be a helpful tool for anyone trying to produce an informative or fictional podcast. You can also use it to increase the accessibility of your podcast for listeners with hearing impairments.

The recording quality of Podcastle is only limited by the caliber of the microphone and the recording environment. It is advised to use a high-quality microphone and record in a room with good acoustics to achieve the best results.

Overall, anyone wishing to create and modify podcasts will find Podcastle to be a fantastic tool. It’s a fantastic alternative for both experts and beginners due to its user-friendly UI, cutting-edge AI-powered capabilities, and various price options. Podcastle can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you want to start your first podcast or advance your current one.


– Paid plans from: $11.99/month
– Free plan: Yes

Use for your projects!

Elevate your podcast game with Podcastle

For who?

Anyone looking to create and edit podcasts, including both professionals and amateurs.

Main features:

– Robust free version with unlimited access to recording and editing features
– AI-powered audio-to-text transcription
– Removing background noise
– Multiple pricing tiers, including a free package and options for larger podcasting teams and brands
– Text-to-speech feature


– AI-powered tools for transcription and noise removal for better audio quality
– Free version with access to all recording and editing features
– Multiple pricing options to suit different needs


– Quality of recording may be affected by the quality of the microphone and recording environment.


– Paid plans from: $11.99/month
– Free plan: Yes

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